About Me

Mistress Lucy 11

Domination is not an act for me,  this is a lifestyle that I have chosen and love. I am a naturally dominant woman and instinctively drawn to control men, women, and couples. But remember do not enter into this lightly, you will serve at my pleasure and act according to my will. I will decide the course and direction of all our interactions.

I am not a cold or cruel Mistress, getting to know my slaves is something I enjoy. Of course there is no better way to torment or break a slave than knowing exactly what they desire and using it against them.

I have varied interests but particularly enjoy exploring my slaves fantasies and deeply rooted desires. This deep connection can help alleviate, or enhance, the guilt and shame that often accompanies the acceptance of these important and hidden aspects of a slaves psyche. Indeed I have found that this can be therapeutic for the slave and I have helped many slaves let go of shame and even depression.

One of my particular favorites is to keep my victims in enforced chastity. I love keeping a slave locked away until I decide they have earned the right to be released and enjoy seeing them become more and more broken with every day that passes.. There is nothing more powerful than seeing a slave completely broken and willing to do anything to serve his or her Mistress.

I am also drawn to feminisation and training sissy maids. I adore watching my subjects embrace their feminine sides and help them develop into glamorous diva’s and obedient serving maids. I can also help those who need it embrace this desire and release their shame.

I only offer online domination and email training, if you are seeking a face to face encounter then look elsewhere.

If you wish to serve me then read through my site and online etiquette section before contacting me. Rude, pushy or disrespectful slaves will be ignored.

Enjoy my site – Mistress Lucy

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