Mistress Lucy 26My interests include a wide range of fetishes and fantasies and I will always work with my slaves so our session is enjoyable for both of us, but remember I am in charge. This is not about male wish fulfillment, but about you serving a strong and dominant Mistress.

I am a strict Mistress but not a complete sadist. I especially enjoy role plays and creative sessions and take great pleasure in getting inside your head and bringing you to your knees.

I like my slaves to be polite, honest, and truly submissive. I also like the connections that I build with long term slaves as every session gets deeper and more rewarding. A few long term devoted slaves have the honour of being owned by me but you must work hard to earn it and should never ask for it or assume it will be given.

I particularly enjoy training sissies and chastity slaves…


• Chastity

• Sensual teasing

• Sincere polite slaves

• Strap on training

• Genuine Submissives

• Humiliation

• Fantasies and role play

• Bondage

• Spanking, whipping, caning

• Foot and shoe fetish

• Pony play

• Rubber, leather, burlesque,
lingerie, tight office suits

• Worship

• Cross dressing, feminisation and sissy maids

• Interrogation

• Being spoiled by my slaves


• Financial domination

• Alpha Males on a lark, or those who aren’t actually submissive.

• Control Freaks

• Rudeness and bad manners

• Scat

• Toilet Slaves

• Excessively needy and demanding slaves who lack self awareness

• Extreme pain

• Blood play

• Electrics

• Switches

• Time wasters

• Email pests

• Masks

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