Mistress Lucy 8This what some of my regular online slaves say about their Mistress…

“Mistress Lucy is darkly elegant, and yet has a warm and infectious side that is intoxicating, at least if you’ve earned it. It goes without saying that she’s physically beautiful, but she’s that much rarer treasure… a woman whose interior beauty matches or exceeds her exterior beauty. She is truly a delightful and amazing person. It’s impossible to be anything other than thankful for her time even in the midst of being disciplined.

When I first contacted Mistress Lucy I was terrified to explore this side of myself. Taking that first step was incredibly difficult and yet somehow I was lucky enough to have contacted Mistress Lucy before any one else.  Over 6 years later I’m happy to say that I’ve been privileged and honored to have found such an amazing and wonderful Mistress. Her kindness and understanding have allowed
me to acknowledge and accept parts of myself that otherwise would have remained forever buried. Mistress Lucy is that rare woman who exceeds all expectations. She not only enjoys what she does, but also genuinely cares for her slaves as well. She understands their needs and helps them to grow and develop to the furthest reaches of their potential through service to her. I’ve admitted things to Mistress Lucy that I couldn’t even admit to myself, and she’s shown me how to grow from that experience. She has helped me to persevere through difficulty and to exceed all of the limits that I had previously set for myself. I truly believe that I’ve become a stronger and better person, through her training and care. She has made me the best possible version of myself. Not a day goes by without me giving thanks for finding Mistress Lucy and for the opportunity to serve her.”

your adoring and loving slave jeremy

“It has been my privilege and honour to have known Mistress Lucy. Indeed I have known Her for a number of years now and can say with absolute clarity and honesty that I have not a single regret or doubt about my decision to contact Her. From the very first communication it was clear to me that Mistress Lucy was special and it become apparent that She was the person to guide me down this path.

I have over the course of the past few years grown and developed and pushed back boundaries, all of which in no small part can be attributed to Mistress Lucy. Her knowledge, Her understanding and compassion to name but a few attributes, are but a small part of the orchestra that is Mistress Lucy at work. Mistress Lucy is perfection and if You are fortunate to be granted Her time then consider yourselves lucky indeed, I do every single time I receive a mail or in session I still experience the thrill and rush as I did the very first time I contacted Her.

In Mistress Lucy you are guaranteed somebody who understands, nurtures and develops and invests Herself entirely to being Your Mistress, the same naturally is expected of you, and you will push yourself to ensure that you are able to put a smile upon Her face. To please Mistress Lucy is a gift, a gift you never tire of working for.

Thank you Mistress Lucy, for taking me on and allowing me to be able to be me, unfettered and completely open and trusting in You 100% as my Mistress continually opening my eyes and broadening my horizons. A thousand thank you’s would still be insufficient.”

Ever Yours, slave simon.

No one else in the world does all this. Your beauty, openness, strength and caring nature have brought me further in 3 weeks than I have journey alone in 10 years leaving me more calm and centered than I have ever felt in my life, thank you

slave j

Mistress Lucy is everything she claims to be and infinitely more; more beautiful, more intelligent and more understanding. She is a, rare, genuine dominatrix who promotes honesty and openness whilst engendering an implicit trust, without any need to know identities or locations. You must think long and hard before contacting Mistress Lucy because this service is not about self-gratification, hot pictures or quick fixes. This service is about learning what interests and pleases Mistress Lucy through two-way communication to better serve and obey with the possibility of earning rewards. If you have ever momentarily thought about or imagined putting the thoughts and feelings of a strong, beautiful woman before that of your own then Mistress Lucy is the mistress for you, otherwise look elsewhere. It has taken me 10 years to find Mistress Lucy and by being honest about my fears, thoughts and fantasies Mistress Lucy wiped clean my past and doubts in the first few weeks. Thank you Mistress Lucy from the bottom of my heart.”

Yours Respectfully, slave james

Mistress Lucy is outrageously stunning and a perfect Goddess

slave irfan

Mistress Lucy is a fine online dominatrix. She is thorough in finding out what peoples’ fantasies are and is easy to talk to as well, no matter how weird those fantasies are. I went through the first stage of training with her and all the tasks were tailored for me. I felt the tasks she set me achieved a balance of what I wanted to get out of the training and how she wanted me to serve her. The result was pain and pleasure, and also a fun experience.
The second stage of training I went through was a big step from the first stage and was more demanding. Mistress Lucy has quite an imagination and always has new ideas or refinement of ideas for the tasks she sets. After completion of the tasks, you just want to serve Mistress Lucy even more.
Upon completing the tasks, Mistress Lucy will write back when she feels like it, making the slave wonder when his next task is (and when he’s allowed to cum next). You can’t help but beg for more.If you work hard for Mistress Lucy, she will reward you so working to your best potential is a benefit for both parties (I’m sure everyone wants to please Mistress Lucy).
Overall my experience with her was great. I was pleased to serve her and look forward to doing it again

slave vince

From the very first on-line interview it was obvious that Mistress Lucy was the answer to what I was looking for.
I had craved to serve a beautiful Mistress who would listen and understand my fantasies and I was convinced that Mistress Lucy was everything I needed and that she would be the Mistress I would submit myself to. Having discussed my fantasies with Mistress Lucy she sent me a discreet email with my first task and I was soon on my knees submitting myself to her and eager to begin my training. 
I have been a devoted slave to Mistress Lucy for several months now and with each new command you find yourself wanting to please her even more by going that little bit further as the rewards are just what a slave needs from his Mistress. I would definitely recommend Mistress Lucy to both newcomers and experienced slaves.”

slave alan

I am a very fortunate slave who stumbled across Mistress Lucy online and had very satisfying sessions with this truly magnificent lady. Prior to our first session I was most nervous as anyone would be looking to serve such beauty, intelligence and of course dominance. I must say however, that Mistress Lucy put me at great ease during our initial consultation where she interviewed me in order for her to learn more about me and me of her, this enabled the both of us to sculpture sessions that would be both educational and enjoyable to the both of us.
Needless to say during our sessions Mistress Lucy did not fail to amaze, a Lady who cares for her slaves and seeing that they are taught in the correct way. Seeing Mistress Lucy online was remarkable, Mistress Lucy commands such respect without even saying a word. Mistress Lucy catered to my fetishes and needs and enabled me to explore these with her. Mistress Lucy is truly a professional who does not except second best but is more than willing to train novice slaves, thankfully this is the case as I am indeed a novice, but learning quickly at the beautiful hands and feet of Mistress Lucy. I believe I have found the Mistress and indeed Lady of my dreams, Mistress Lucy I am your true and loyal slave, I wish and would be honoured to serve you for many years to come, Mistress I am yours truly.
Thank you so much for the honour and privilege of serving you Mistress Lucy

little slave

Mistress Lucy is a stunning, statuesque and naturally dominant woman. She is confident in the power she holds over you with ease but also caring and compassionate. I have been her chastity slave many times and she knows how to break a man quickly and has me eating out of her hand within a few days every time. When she locked me away and told me she was going to keep me there until I was ready to fully devote myself to her, I have never felt so broken, adoring and willing to serve my wonderful Mistress

slave matt

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