Chastity Training

Mistress Lucy 14This is one of my favorite ways of training a slave.

Do you truly understand what it will mean to give up your power to me in this way? As soon as you are locked in your chastity device and give up the key to me you will feel fear and excitement. As the days go by you will get more and more frustrated and in time this will build until you are totally broken and subservient to me. You will be almost constantly aware of your caged cock and the fact you cannot escape and this will always remind you of who is in charge.

There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing the face of a man who I have broken with chastity. The higher your sex drive, the faster and easier it will be to break you. You may think you are proud or strong but slowly and surely you will submit until you beg me for release.

It is not for the weak willed and I will discuss it with you in depth to make sure you understand and are fully committed.

If you wish to be considered for chastity training then you must make a tribute of £20 as a sign of your commitment before I will discuss your program with you. This will be deducted from the cost of your training if you decide to go through with it.

If you believe you are truly ready this go to my bookings page.

For information about chastity devices go to

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