Couples Training

Mistress Lucy 25I especially enjoy training couples, whether you are both submissive or one partner is more dominant. I will be the one in charge though! Couples training can be by email or webcam and will only be carried out after an in-depth interview with both partners.

“Me, and my girlfriend have served Mistress Lucy as a couple since about 2010. When we found her site online everything seemed to be just perfect, our interests, and dislikes were nearly identical, but when we contacted her, we KNEW she was the one for us, she spoke to us with respect yet, in a way that we knew our place as submissives at her feet, and we knew her place as a Dominant over us. She paid very close attention to detail, and to our likes, our dislikes, and our limits, and desires, and she used it all to seamlessly weave together some email training, and webcam sessions, that made both of our fantasies become reality.

Mistress Lucy had the perfect balance for us of a respectful, experienced Mistress that would guide, and teach us on our journey into BDSM, something I’ve always had an interest in, and was lucky enough to find two beautiful women that would help make it real for me. Yet she is firm, and wicked enough to strike fear in us, and make us never want to break her rules, knowing that their would be consequences, to pay for doing so. We have slipped up a few times on our way to trying to become perfectly obedient slaves to Mistress Lucy. My girlfriend also is a switch, and Mistress Lucy used this dynamic to her advantage perfectly. Using her as a vessel to Dominate, and punish me when needed, as she is Dominant over me, and of course submissive to Mistress Lucy.
We hope to be loyal servants of Mistress Lucy for a very long time, and wouldn’t want it any other way.”

slave brant, and slave nikki.

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