Mistress Lucy 27Whether your deepest desire is to be glamorous diva or tarty slut, I will be happy help you to embrace your inner desires. We will talk about your desires and help you not only realize them but also to be comfortable and accepting of this new side of your personality. I will be available to help you truly explore your transformation, however far you might want to venture.

Sissy Maids

I also adore the devotion and servitude of sissy maids. Nothing is better than locking a sissy maid in chastity and having them serve me in uniform. If you perform up to expectation you might be able to earn release, but I warn you my standards are high and unless you’re on your best behaviour you might not be able to satisfy me!

If you would like to discuss serving me in this manner I require a £20 deposit to show your sincerity before I work out a training program with you.

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